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2016 Reindeer Display Schedule

Live Reindeer for Christmas Events & Parties, Schools Visits, Home Visits, Parades


Raising Reindeer For Pleasure and Profit

Author Gordon Poest's book on Raising Reindeer, 3rd Edition, covers facilities, nutrition, health, antlers, breeding, training, business opportunities and more.

A Percentage of Profit will be donated to Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association on behalf of the author, Gordon Poest. 

$25.00 plus shipping

Click below to order thru Paypal or
call Cindy Phillips at 262-670-9515



We added on two new heifer calves to our herd.  Vixen and Noel will be at some of our event this coming display season.
 (left) Noel, (middle) Noel and Vixen, (right) Vixen Halter training. 



Essential Oils - Animal Immune Boosting      Learn/Order Essential Oils

At Reindeer Games, we feel strongly that our reindeer's health and comfort are priority. We are chemical free, antibiotic free in what we do on our farm. We use therapeutic essential oils for our monthly wellness program, as well as for treating any condition or issue that arises. The reindeer, as other animals, respond well to the essential oils.  They are drawn to them and their body's heal quickly using the oils. ( photo shows Vixen relaxing as she smells Lavender)

Featured Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil - in biblical times, Frankincense was used to treat every conceivable illness known to man. I ingest Frankincense daily because of its anti-cancerous properties.  On the farm, we also use it for digestive issues and  wounds. Apply to the top of the head to stimulate the limbic system of the brain.   Click here to order Young Living Essential Oils or call Cindy at 262 670 9515.

Upcoming Natural Wellness Classes - Click for More Information

What's Happening Now?

What's happening now?

Cupid is enjoying a fall pumpkin treat.
  With cooler temperatures, we walk the reindeer more often. We also started sleigh training.  We begin gradually with short runs with one reindeer on a sleigh, then each week increase the distance of the pull. Our job is to work with the reindeer to build their endurance for pulling Santa all over the world on Christmas Eve. 



Reindeer Games   Jeff and Cindy Phillips
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