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History of Essential Oils at Reindeer Games


When Rudolph developed a fungus infection that was not responding well to antibiotics, we turned to essential oils.  Quickly, we learned how valuable these oils were to healing, preventing illness and stress, and maintaining wellness for all our of farm animals.  Here are some of the ways that our animals benefit from essential oils

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        Immune Boosting


        Dealing with Stress after Calf Separation

        Vaginal Bleeding

        Minimize Anxiety and Depression

        Navel Cleansing and Healing

        Immune boosting

        Transition from Nursing to Bottle



        Breathing & Respiratory Care

        Wounds and Injuries



        Pulled Muscles


        Broken Bones

        Sore Muscles

        General Pains


        Treat antler base after shed

        Antler Wounds Heal Quicker Less Chance for Infection and Attracting Flies

        Treat Injuries While in Velvet

        Strengthens Immune System

        Aligns The Spine

        Emotionally Uplifting

        Promotes Physical & Electrical Balance

        Reduce Muscle, Spinal,  Joint Inflammation

        Reduce Stress for Trailering, Showing, Exhibiting

        Calming Before Training

        Depression After Calving


        Introducing New Animals

        Fortify Against Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

        Algae Control

        Bio-Security Wash Station

        Respiratory Issues


        Recovery From Life Threatening Attack



        Diffuse Chicken Coop for Germ Control