From: Jack & Erin

I just want to thank you for your thoughts & ideas for Juan earlier this week.  I am glad to report that he appears, in my unprofessional opinion, to be healing well.  I’d like to share a little of what he had and how he’s healing.


On Tues. Juan received several stitches in his upper lip and a couple under his bottom lip for lacerations from the bite.  He also had two cuts on his nose and a large icky soar on the interior of his lower lip which was trying to scab & had his lip nearly doubled in size by Wed. a.m.  I was once again amazed by the apparent pain relief provided by the helichrysum…I had just enough to pour onto the open wound before going to the ER.  I had noticed reduced swelling within minutes on the open laceration. Not long after applying it, Juan was trying to smile.  While at the ER he was laughing with nurses and eating cheerios – mind you his main laceration that went from the bottom of his nostril down half-way through his upper lip and it was WIDE open.  Apparently he didn’t have pain because he was licking it (gross – sorry) between bites!  The ER staff couldn’t believe what good spirits he was in all things considered, and neither could we. 


I never would have thought of Melrose – so thank you for that recommendation.  It has been a blessing.  A couple of times daily I wash Juan’s face with a warm lavender & Melrose wash.  So far not even a hint of infection or redness around the wounds.  I also put Melrose onto the soar inside his lip.  I wasn’t sure if this was okay to do, but the clove alone was too strong for him.  That soar is nearly gone now!


He has also been receiving 50-50 dilution applications of helichrysum on the sutured areas.  Juan dislikes the smell, and the first time I put it on Thurs. (I had to Fed Ex some) the odor must have brought back some memories because he started to sob…I felt so bad and knew he needed the healing of it.  I followed up with our ‘bonding oil’ of Gentle Baby and he sighed and stopped crying.  The swelling is considerably reduced and lacerations are healing very well.  We can actually see improvement from the morning application to the afternoon application each day – it is so amazing!  We’ll see what the plastic surgeon says on Tuesday… 


I am again thankful and watching in awe how God’s pharmacy is helping our son heal his physical and emotional wounds.  I am so thankful we have not needed one pain relief med or antibiotic, which are usually standard scrips.


Thanks for your help during a traumatic time for our familyJ.  It is really appreciated!

God’s blessings!