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Read below for a sample of what we are doing at Reindeer Games. 
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How we started with oils...When Rudolph developed a fungus infection that was not responding well to antibiotics, we turned to essential oils.  Quickly, we learned how valuable these oils were to healing, preventing illness and stress, and maintaining wellness for all our farm animals.  Here are some of the ways that our animals benefit from essential oils on a monthly or as needed basis. I am willing to help you put a plan together for your animals.  Read Rudolph's Recovery Story

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We continue to use oils on a regular basis. I will update as we have time to do so.  

Reindeer - This mid-winter treatment was to boost their immune system and specifically support their lungs during these cold months. Also gave oils for parasite control/digestion support. Applied Valor on their ears for calming and Frankincense on their heads.  We gave the Reindeer  Ningxia Red orally with Oregano, Copaiba and DiGize.

Chickens, Ducks, Geese - All treated with RC under the wings, Frankincense on their head.  Gave 1/2 teaspoon of Ningxia Red orally.

Photos - (right)  Jon is checking their hooves, if needed each one is trimmed

(Left top) - Donner is getting oral syringe of Ningxia Red with oils.

(Left bottom) - Chicken is inhaling RC Essential Oils for lung support.  This oil relaxes the chickens.

Reindeer - - Vixen accidentally got her antler tangled in a cable which resulted in infection.  Click here for complete story of her remarkable recovery.  We were able to save the antler - after an aggressive infection at the antler base. 

Reindeer - Monthly maintenance - calmed them with Tranquil and Peace & Calming.  For immune boosting and wellness we combined all the Raindrop Essential Oils and applied  to the reindeer's feet (just about the hoof).  Didn't apply to the spine, since they were in the sun after the treatment. Ningxia Red with drops of Ocotea, Copaiba, and Thieves given orally in syringe. Eucalyptus Blue with mixed with V-6 carrier oil given rectally. Cleaned their ears with Purification on a cotton ball
Donner's antler base with infection
 Reindeer -Donner and Rudolph play antler games often.  Donner must have gotten poked at the base of his antler.  Infection set in, which we discovered when it started draining.  We treated the base with Thieves and Melrose.  I use coconut oil as a carrier for the essential oils.  Donner also got Ningxia Red with Thieves internally for immune boosting.

After two weeks of treatment, the base scabbed and is now growing his new antler.

Bernard loves DiGize;Dasher's favorite oil is EndoFlex.
Baby Reindeer -I treat the calves daily for the first two weeks.  Then about 5 times a week until they are three months. Essential oils prevent illness- promote health.  Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  Rotate Thieves and DiGize on the bottom on their hooves for general health.

Other oils may be used as needed, Peppermint for fever, RC Blend for respiratory issues, Di-gize Blend for diarrhea

Swelling on Leg - Infection  Re-Occurs
Reindeer - Rudolph leg developed bumps.  He occasionally has issues with the leg that had the fungus infection 3 years ago.  I did three consecutive days of mineral detox soaks with essential oils of Melrose, Lemongrass, Peppermint.  Rudolph got Ningxia Red orally with different oils each day - Thieves, Oregano and Thyme.  We applied Animal Scents Ointment topically on the leg. Also sprayed the leg with Lavender mist.  Immupower was applied to Rudolph's ears or a drop rubbed inside his mouth.
December 2008

Shed Antlers with Infection
Reindeer - The same day Prancer shed his antlers, our dominant cow Comet took advantage of him and poked both his bases.  Within a day, I noticed infection. We treated him with oils. (not the easiest to treat at this time - almost ready to put on a lead again after rut) Topical oils of Thieves, Melrose and Frankincense rotated daily with emu oil as a carrier.  Infection cleared and he healed normally. Also learned to stay away from Comet.


November 2008

Swelling about Comet's hoof -also found  dry, scabby patches.
Dryness appeared on both legs.  Swelling on right foot only. Comet was limping.
Reindeer - Noticed some bleeding on Comet's leg.  After taking a closer look, realized she had swelling just above the dew claw and scabby, dry areas up the leg. That's where the blood came from. Some of her fur was gone.  I treated Comet for parasites, bacteria and fungus - using Purification, Thieves, Melrose.  We applied oils topically and then held a hot compress on the leg.  Also gave Comet Ningxia Red orally and applied ImmuPower on her ears each day we treated her.  I used emu oil or mineral gel as a base for the oils after the third day.  Also rotated in  Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Frankincense and Animal Scents Ointment. After about two weeks of treatment, swelling is down.  Dryness areas are not spreading.  I continue to monitor Comet and will continue to treat if this returns.  Also noticed leg dryness on Dasher and Prancer - her penmates. 
October 2008

No specific issues to report!


Reindeer - Monthly maintenance for immune boosting and wellness included Valor on ears. Lavender to calm.  ImmuPower on top of both front hooves with V6 Carrier oil.  Ningxia Red with drops of Thieves given orally in syringe. RC with mixed with carrier oil and given rectally.

Our bull Prancer is coming out of rut, to support him overall he was given Raindrop treatment.  We are still not able to handle him, so we mixed three drops of each raindrop oil with a carrier oil and spread it over his spine.

September 2008

Antler Infection which started in velvet - gone bad.  I didn't treat long enough initially. 

Antler Base Healed - unfortunately not before Dancer lost an antler for the season

Reindeer - Antler Infection Gone Bad - Dancer had a split in her velvet which I treated with Melrose and Thieves essential oils topically.  I thought it had healed - I was wrong.   Infection set in (from fly contact) which I didn't notice it until she shed her velvet and found it at the base of the antler.  Started a more aggressive treatment with daily oils.  I rotated Melrose, Lemongrass, Thieves. Myrrh.  Always topped it off with Animal Scents Ointment.  Also gave Ningxia Red orally, sometimes with Thieves.  Put drops of ImmuPower on her ears too.  To our suprise, when treating her one day, the antler dropped. Continued with rotating oils topically - decided to take it a step further and gave her injections about once a week with either Melrose or Thieves.  This was a tough infection to clear.  After about one month of treatment, Dancer is healing with no signs of drainage. 

Reindeer - Monthly maintenance included ImmuPower on both ears, and Ningxia Red given orally in syringe.



August 2008

(above) Antler growth off eye guard had to be removed.

(below) After tie off and oils treatment, growth is gone.

Reindeer - Prancer's antler growth off his eye guard required a tie-off, which is sometimes necessary.  He kept rubbing and injuring it, which is a chance for infection and an opportunity for flies to lay eggs.  We used a tool which enlarges a small rubber band which can be put on the unwanted growth.  This tool is used for castrating.  Because Prancer's growth was very large, we were not able to get around the entire piece. (see photo left).  We had to use biodegradable twine to tie off the growth just above the large mass. In this situation, where we tied was an uneven area, so each night we had to re-tie to completely stop the blood flow.  We also used the castration tool to put rubber bands around some of the small pieces (this was very similar to a head of califlower).  Daily we checked, treated and soaked for about 10 days, until we were able to cut it off at the end of the bone. 

Daily we gave Prancer 10cc of Ningxia Red, put drops of ImmuPower on his front hooves. We dipped the entire growth in Peppermint water - flies actually floated out a couple times.  Then we sprayed with Peppermint water, covered with Animal Scents Ointment.  Everyday we trimmed away any dead tissue until the entire piece was gone.  It took about 10 days.  Continued to treat the end of the antler for another 3 days, with Animals Scents Ointment and Melrose


(right) This is another example of an antler tie off done on Rudolph this month.

If we didn't tie off, this growth continues to grow and Rudolph injures it and infection starts.  (see photo far right with red bandage- this was taken in 2006.)

Calf Update for July 2008 - the bump opened and healed.  It didn't drain, the entire bump fell off whole, leaving a crater.  We continued with daily oils for healing, rotating TenderTush, Melrose and Lavender.  No reoccurances appeared. 

Reindeer - Monthly maintenance for immune boosting and wellness included Valor on ear.  ImmuPower on top of both front hooves with V6 Carrier oil.  Ningxia Red  given orally in syringe.


July 2008

Calf recovered 100%, shown soaking in a mineral detox bath with essential oils.

Comet Dry, Flaky Skin

Reindeer Calves- I spend time with the calves checking to make sure all is well - by monitoring food and milk intake, and by doing visual examination.  Found a bump on one of the calves; it was along the jawline.  Began to treat with topical oils - rotating Lemongrass, Melrose.  Since I didn't know what this was I also used Frankincense and Endoflex.  Did three days of hot compresses with Lemongrass. For immune boosting, we put drops of ImmuPower on the bottom of his hoof.  And gave about one teaspoon of Ningxia Red each day.  Eventually the oils pulled the lump to the surface.  It took about six weeks to open and drain.  I also did a Raindrop treatment, using one of each oil mixed in V-6  carrier oil.  Applied this mixture to spine and feet - Oregano, Thyme, Wintergreen, Basil, Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram  and Aroma Siez.  Typically when I don't see quick response to the oils, I increase applications, try different methods, until I see progress. While this bump was enlarging and coming to the surface,  Calf's breathing was affected. Asked my vet for diagnosis, he recommended daily injections of Polyflex. Said it was probably a swollen lymph gland.   After about 5 days of antibiotics, calf's attitude declined, as well as his appetite.  I stopped antibiotics.  He gradually improved with continued oils treatment. After bump drained, applied Animal Scents Ointment and TenderTush for healing and infection fighting.  Both kept the flies away from the open wound.

Pest Control-  we use a spray that I 'build' with 10-15 drops Purification, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender.  I added Citronella for the first time. Reindeer and Duke our hound are sprayed everyday.    I also spray each stall daily with Peppermint water, after all poop is removed.

Reindeer - Monthly maintenance included Valor on ears and spine.  ImmuPower on Juggular with V6 Carrier oil.  Capsules given orally with Oregano, Thyme and CloveNingxia Red with DiGize oils given orally in syringe.

Comet had dry patches over her eyes - applied Animal Scents Ointment.  PJ was loosing hair from his nose up, also applied Animals Scents Ointment and it stopped. 

Chickens, Ducks, Geese - All treated with ImmuPower on the feet, RC under the wings, DiGize on the belly.  Gave 1/2 teaspoon of Ningxia Red to all.

June 2008

Inflamed Area on Back Leg

Chicken with Mites

Reindeer - Joint Inflamation - Dasher had a large 'bubble' on the back leg (see photo).  I applied (topically) a couple drops of Melrose for possible infection.  Followed with a couple drops of Peppermint.  Also gave her about 10cc of Ningxia Red in an oral syringe. On day 3, no visible change in the size of her bump.  I used a insulin syringe to inject a couple drops of Frankincense.  Continued each day with Ningxia Red for one week.  Bump gradually reduced in size with no further need to apply oils.   

PEST CONTROL-  we use a spray that I 'build' with 10-15 drops Purification, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender (plus I rotate one of the following Idaho Tansy, Rosemary, Cedarwood) add 1 tablespoon V-6 carrier oil (or almond, olive), and 1/2 capful of Thieves Cleaner - fill bottle with 'good water' - we have well water.  I spray at least twice a day.  The reindeer don't always like it, so I get them as they pass.  I don't have to worry about getting it in their eyes (or my eyes) - or in their mouths - every taste Off? 

Duke our dog gets the same spray.    So do the cats.  For extra protection, Duke and the cats get Lavender rubbed on maybe once a week for fleas.  I rub a couple drops around the ears and neck area.  Also we do the same with Purification for extra tick protection on their back and neck.  I'd recommend doing this more often, if animal is exposed to tall grasses or wooded area. 

One of our chickens had mites.  We soaked Marge in a tub with oil drops of Purification, Thieves, RC and ImmuPower.  The mites and a couple flies floated out of Marge.  I kept her submerged for about 40 minutes because we also had a detox mineral soap in the tub.  This could be done with any animal.

Reindeer Calves- We continue to give Ningxia Red for immune boosting, about one teapsoon.  Rotate Thieves, DiGize and ImmuPower on the bottom on their hooves for general health.

May 2008
Rudolph Bump on Head
Bump on Head Between Antlers
Reindeer - Rudolph had a lumpy bump on the top of his head.  I put Melrose and Purification on topically.  The bump didn't grow, but it didn't open either.  Next day, I injected Frankincense, still not knowing what the bump was.  Within 24 hours, it swelled, opened and drained.    I continued treating it with Melrose and Lavender.  It healed within a couple days.
Cupid has vaginal draining start two weeks after calving.  We injected Melrose and Myrrh with a carrier oil.

Dancer has vaginal bleeding after calving.  We injected Cistus with a carrier oil.
April 2008
Pregnant Reindeer Apply Essential Oils
Essential Oils applied to pregnant cows
Reindeer - Ningxia Red and Gentle Baby Essential Oil on Pregnant Cows.  We checked teats on pregnant cows - treated with Animals Scents Ointment if they are dry.
Baby Reindeer - Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  Rotate Thieves and DiGize on the bottom on their hooves for general health. Other oils may be used, Peppermint for fever, RC Blend for respiratory issues, Di-gize Blend for diarrhea
Farm - Clean barn stall with Thieves Cleaner before calving
March 2008

Raindrop Therapy
Reindeer - Prancer is done with his treatments.  His poop is just about normal.  We will see how he does.  His appetite is good and he continues to gain weight.  His antlers are blossoming.    He has more energy then before.  He has gained about 40 lbs.

Entire herd was given  Raindrop Treatment  with essential oils.  Each reindeer got 2 oz of Ningxia Red orally. 

Pregnant cows were not given Basil or Aroma Siez.  We applied Gentle Baby on their ears and one spray of Claraderm on their vaginal area.  

Chickens were all treated with RC, Thieves and DiGize
February 2008

Parasite Treatment on Prancer, shown below. 
 Prancer Reindeer
Reindeer - Prancer is still our focus.  He has more energy then before.  He has gained about 40 lbs.  We continue to treat with Parafree capsules, Ningxia Red, Surfurzyme and Frankincense essential oils.  He also got another Raindrop treatment.  Scours are almost gone. 

Entire herd was given  Valor on their ears and one drop of Franincense on the top of the head.  We gave RC Blend for lung support.  We inject it rectally mixed with V6 carrier oil.   Also for immune boost and infection prevention, orally gave Ningxia Red with couple drops of Thieves (infection) and DiGize (digestion).  
January 2008

Parasite Treatment on Prancer
Trailer Cleaning

Reindeer - Prancer has been our focus this month.  For the past couple years he has scours off and on.  It seems to be diet related.  After many blood and fecal tests, the only issue was high protein levels in his blood.  We have used many oils on him, some have given him temporary fix - DiGize and Parafree were the most effective.  However, the scours always return periodically.  I had an biofeedback (quantum SCIO) analysis  performed on him.  It confirmed parasites, as well as bacteria infection, and irritation of the digestive tract.  We are now treating Prancer long term with Parafree capsules, Ningxia Red, DiGize, Thieves and Frankincense essential oils.  He also was given Raindrop therapy and daily applications of Valor.  He is gaining weight quickly with a renewed appetite.  We will continue treatment for  three 21 days periods, with 7 days off inbetween. He also has new energy, we are seeing him running and jumping, something he never did before.  

Thieves Cleaner was used on our reindeer trailers after completing our exhibit season.
December 2007
Reindeer and Essential Oils
Rudolph is held securely in a squeeze shoot during essential oils treatments.
Reindeer - before we leave for events, we apply Surrender on their ears and let them smell it to relax.  It's reapplied throughout the day as needed.
For their monthly treatment, we applied Valor on their ears and one drop of Exodus II on the top of the head.  We gave RC Blend for lung support.  We inject it rectally mixed with V6 carrier oil.   Also for immune boost and infection prevention, orally gave Ningxia Red with couple drops of Thieves (infection) and DiGize (digestion).  Ear Cleaning was done with Purification on a cotton ball.  

Dasher had a leg injury.  The wound was rinsed with Thieves Cleaner.  We applied Melrose and Thieves topically.  Also used Peppermint for inflammation.  No sign of infection. 

Rudolph had some bleeding on his head just at the antler base.  I applied Melrose for a couple days.  No sign of infection.

Chickens were all treated with RC, Thieves and DiGize.  We discovered that two chickens had mites, so we treated those with Purification
November 2007
Chickens treated with Essential Oils

Reindeer - before we leave for events, we apply Surrender on their ears and let them smell it to relax.  It's reapplied throughout the day as needed. For their monthly treatment, we gave RC Blend for lung support.  We inject it rectally mixed with V6 carrier oilImmuPower was applied topically. Also for immune boost and infection prevention, orally gave Ningxia Red with couple drops of Oregano and Thyme.  We usually start with Surrender on their ears and also let them smell it. One drop of Frankincense on top of the head along with a drop of Valor on their spine. 

Chickens, ducks and geese - I continue to spray Thieves Cleaner (diluted in water) in the coop. I added Purification to the spray too.  A couple of the chicken have raspy breathing, so we treated the entire coop with RC Blend under their wing, Ningxia Red orally, ImmuPower and Thieves drops on their feet. The ones we identified as sick were treated for a couple days.  All recovered. 

I am also diffusing in the coop - I rotate between Peppermint, Thieves and Purification

October 2007
Animal Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Animals
Reindeer - for their monthly treatment, first gave a drop of Surrender on their ears and also let them smell it.  Oral application of DiGize for digestive support with Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  Applied Valor on top of spine.  Then one drop of Frankincense on head for overall well being. ImmuPower applied with carrier oil on jugular vein.  RC was given rectally for lung support.

Dasher is given Ningxia Red daily - about 1-2 oz each morning.  She seems to need a boost at times. She is a smaller reindeer and gains weight on her sides. After Ningxia Red her weight is redistributed and she is much perkier.   She was injured this month - got punctured from Cupid's antler.  We cleaned the 1/2" hole from the puncture with Thieves Cleaner spray.  Also injected Melrose for fighting possible infection. Sprayed Lavaderm Cooling Mist for healing.  Other oils used were Peppermint for inflammation, Frankincense for healing.  Also rotated in Animal Scents ointment and emu oil. Dasher got a couple days of oils orally - thieves, oregano and thyme.  I kept the wound open for a week so I could continue to flush.  Oils were applied topically for about two weeks.  The wound healed beautifully, no infection ever present.

Chickens, ducks and geese still eating Wolfberries as snacks. We are spraying Thieves Cleaner (diluted in water) in the coop.  Sadly a friend had a couple chickens die suddenly, she identified the issue as a parasite.  After she did regularly spraying with Thieves Cleaner, her chickens are doing OK. No more losses.  See the photo above - I gave our geese and ducks (separately) a mineral soak for wellness.  We used RC, Immu Power, Purification and Lavender.  They enjoy the soak and like to drink the water.  The Purification keeps the bathroom smelling pleasant. 


Sept 2007 Reindeer - Oral application of clove, oregano and thyme with Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  First applied Valor topically.
During two days of velvet shedding, I spray Lavaderm Cooling Mist on the antler and top of head.  Used for calming and soothing effect, and healing if needed.

Chickens, ducks and geese enjoy eating Wolfberries as snacks.  Great for immune boosting with winter coming.  They will drink Purification Essential Oil Blend in their water, so I put a drop in each of their water bowls and also their swimming pool.  It also keeps algae away.

August 2007 Reindeer - ImmuPower applied topically for immune boosting.  Also gave RC essential oil blend for respiratory support. Ningxia Red for immune boosting.

New - Reindeer love peppermint water.  I put one drop in a five gallon bucket, good for cooling internally and digestive support.

July 2007 Reindeer - Raindrop Therapy strengthens immune system, aligns the spine, emotionally uplifting, promotes physical & electrical balance, reduces muscle, spinal and joint inflammation
June 2007 Reindeer -Antler injuries treated topically with Melrose and Lavender
Baby Reindeer
- Ningxia Red for immune boosting. 
May 2007 Reindeer -Immune Boosting with  Ningxia Red and ImmuPower Essential Oil Blend  Deworming using DiGize Essential Oils Blend
Baby Reindeer
- Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  Other oils may be used, Peppermint for fever, RC Blend for respiratory issues, Di-gize Blend for diarrhea
Baby Duck - Ningxia Red for immune boosting
April 2007 Reindeer - Ningxia Red and Gentle Baby Essential Oil on Pregnant Cows
Baby Reindeer - Ningxia Red for immune boosting.  Other oils may be used, Peppermint for fever, RC Blend for respiratory issues, Di-gize Blend for diarrhea
Farm - Clean barn stall with Thieves Cleaner before calving
March 2007

Reindeer - Ningxia Red & Thieves for Immune Boosting, Gentle Baby on Pregnant Cows, DiGize for Parasites/Deworming
Chickens, Ducks, Geese- RC for Respiratory, Thieves for Wellness, Ningxia Red for Immune Boosting
- Diffuse Thieves in chicken coop
Thieves Cleaner - clean all water and food containers/bowls

 Essential Oil Tips

This in an ongoing compilation of therapeutic essential oils uses.

Essential Oil(s) Used



Submitted By



Peace & Calming


Emotional Therapy

Apply Valor if you feel you are Bearing Burdens of the World, have Fear or need help with Self-Expression.  Peace & Calming and Valor can help deal with Depression.  And the list goes on.....




Guarding Against the Bird Flu and Other Diseases Hyped in Our News Media


Rev. Mary Hardy, PhD


Frankincense & Breast Health

Use Frankincense on breasts

Emily Heath


Chemical Constituents of Essential Oils

Learn about Essential Oil Properties

Rev. Mary Hardy, PhD

Thieves & Other Young Living Home & Baby Products Check Product Labels Top 10 Untouchables In Cosmetics & Home Products Karen Balistreri, Certified Aromatherapist
Purification Wasps at your Picnic - not with Purification    
Children and Essential Oils Two Year Old Bitten In Face By Dog  
Thieves Spray Permanent Marker on LCD Screen    


Keep Chemicals Out Of Your Hot Tub    
Relieve Allergies Without Drugs
Good information about allergies and essential oils. Also importance of internal cleansing for everyone, particularly for allergy sufferers. 


Karen Balistreri, Certified Aromatherapist
Ylang Ylang
Beat the Blues with Essential Oils Remedies for Depression  
Ningxia Red Migraine Relief More Energy from Ningxia Red  
Purification Animal Ear Infection Dog with Yeast Infection in Ear  
Thieves Animal Reindeer Cleaning feed bins, cleaning barn stalls, trailers, guest wash station (feet before entering property), guest hand wash

General Wellness - protect body from flu, colds

Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Purification Animal Reindeer Cleaning waterer to prevent algae, mold and bacteria.  Powerful for killing odors when diffused. Cleaning barn stalls and trailer.

Insect bites, tick removal

Also good for ear infections or cleaning

Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Melrose Animal Reindeer Antler or other wounds, cuts, scrapes, rashes. Used on calves navels.  Quickens healing time Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Animal Scents Ointment Animal Reindeer Antler or other wounds (flies don't like it) Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Helichrysum Animal Reindeer Stop bleeding or breaks up blood clots.  Helps with healing Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Cistus Animal Reindeer Healing Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Lavender Animal Reindeer Healing on wounds Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Valor Animal Reindeer Realigns spine, balance electrical energy, brings sense of courage, confidence & self-esteem  Enhances the activity of the other oils Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Joy Animal Reindeer Emotionally uplifting Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Trauma Life Animal Reindeer Cows after calf separation, serious injuries when traumatized Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Peace & Calming Animal Reindeer Reduce stress prior to trailering, showing, training, exhibiting Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
RC & Raven Animal Reindeer Respiratory issues Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Lemongrass Animal Reindeer Pulled muscles & ligaments Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Peppermint Animal Reindeer Fever, joint inflammation, digestive Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
Immu Power Animal Reindeer Used on babies Cindy Phillips Reindeer Games
DiGize Animal Reindeer Parasites or Diarrhea  
Tangerine Animal Reindeer Appetite stimulant - used to get babies on bottles  
PanAway Animal Reindeer Bone or muscle pain  
Raindrop Therapy oils- video available to learn how to apply oils to spine.  Oils can be use individually by appling to feet Animal Reindeer Raindrop Therapy strengthens immune system, aligns the spine, emotionally uplifting, promotes physical & electrical balance, reduces muscle, spinal and joint inflammation  

A powerful anti-infectious agent (for respiratory, intestines, genital, nerves, blood, and lymphatics) with large-spectrum action against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.  It is a general tonic and immune stimulant.  Fragrance creates a feeling of security.  Useful in respiratory infections, digestion problems, viral and bacterial pneumonia, and balancing metabolism.


Highly antimicrobial, anitfungal, antiviral.  Used for respiratory problems, digestive complaints, prevention and treatment of infection, gastritis, bronchitis, pertussis, asthma, laryngitis, and tonsilitis.  Is indicated when there is colitis, cystitis, dermatitis, anthrax, general fatigue, depression, headaches, insomnia, urinary infections and viruses along the spine.

Basil   A powerful antispasmodic, is anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, a decongestant (veins, arteries of the lungs, prostate), and is antibacterial.  Is indicated for migraines, mental fatigue, bronchitis and chest infections, and scanty menstrual periods.  It is relaxing to striated and smooth muscles.  Soothes insect bites and is stimulating to the sense of smell  

Improves circulation and support the nerves and intestines.  It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial and strengthens blood capillaries.  Indicated for arthritis, bronchitis, circulation, cramps, hemorrhoids, insomnia, intestinal parasites, menopausal problems, menstrual pain, pulmonary infections, rheumatism, spasms, tuberculosis, varicose veins, and fluid retention.  It is outstanding when used in skin care, lessening scar tissue.

Wintergreen   It is antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and a liver stimulant.  Indicated for arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, muscular pain, tendonitis, hypertension, and cramps.  Useful for cystitis, acne, bladder infection, gout, gallstones, edema eczema, osteoporosis, skin diseases, ulcers, and urinary tract disorders.  The fragrance stimulates and increases awareness in all levels of the sensory system  

It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, dilates blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, soothes muscles, promotes intestinal peristalsis, tones the parasympathetic nervous system and supports the respiratory system.  Indicated for aches, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, indigestion, constipation, cramps, insomnia, migraine headaches, rheumatism, and sprains.  It is relaxing and calming to the muscles that constrict and sometimes contribute to headaches.  May help anxiety and nervous tension.


One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion.  It is anticarcinogenic, supports digestion, expels worms, is a decongestant, and is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, mucolytic.  It is a pain reliever, an expectorant, and anti-inflammatory for the intestinal and urinary tract.  It is useful in restoring the sense of taste, reducing fever, hot flashes, toothaches, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn and respiratory infections.  It has a synergistic effect with all oils, and has a stimulating effect (enhances mental retention and makes one more alert).

Aroma Siez  

A blend of 5 oils (basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint and cypress).  These oils combined have the ability to relax, calm, and relieve the tension of spastic muscles resulting from sports injury, fatigue or stress.   It also may help relieve headaches.

Ortho Ease  

A massage oil for muscles, bones and skin.  It has 8 essential therapeutic oils (wintergreen, juniper, marjoram, red thyme, vetiver, peppermint, eucalyptus australiana, and lemongrass), plus the oils of wheat germ, grape seed, sweet almond, olive and vitamin E.


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