This testimonial is from a colleague in Wisconsin. 
A Migraine headache averted with NingXia Red drink?
    I own several retail stores in a busy tourist area of the state and before I started drinking NingXia Red, I would have to take a 4 p.m. cat nap of my 16 hour day.  This summer after starting to drink my daily tonic of NingXia Red, I noticed no need to rest.
    Recently, I could feel a migraine developing  and as I started to prepare for rest by pulling down the blinds and bedding I decided to take the dogs out before settling in to sleep.  I drank my ounce  of NingXia Red and applied some Lavender to the back of my head, walked the dogs and when I returned to go to bed, I noticed my migraine was completely gone.  Could the migraine have been neutralizied by the blood sugar balance NingXia Red always gives me?
 I am thrilled at the power this food gives me.  Bonnie S.,  Wisconsin