Our media seems to think that we need to guard against a flu epidemic. In
the early 1900s, the flu hit and killed thousands of people. Whole
communities were wiped out. Our news media is saying that that flu is
similar to the bird flu that is currently being propagated in Asia by the
unhealthy conditions of the chicken farms. The news media is saying that the
epidemic of the early 1900s is similar to the bird flu of modern times.
Mladen Lebar, the head of the poultry producers’ association in Croatia,
blamed the hype. “The media have played a significant role by blowing the
whole thing out of proportion and having many reports that do not correspond
with expert knowledge on the issue,” he said, adding that sales in Croatia
had dropped, but only slightly.
In the early 1900s there were two types of physicians. Those who were still
practicing Homeopathy, and then you had the regular MD practitioners.
According to reports on the internet, the Homeopathic practitioners only
lost 2% of their patients, while the regular MDs lost over 75% of their’s.
The big killer in the 1900 flu was the use of aspirin. The bird flu, like
that flu, needs a high temperature to cook out the infection. The use of
aspirin reduces the fever and covers up the symptoms while it allows the
disease to flourish.
Some people are saying it would be wise to wear a mask for protection. In
the 1900 flu epidemic, many wore masks thinking they were safe. They were
mistaken. The only way to use a mask successfully to protect against the flu
and other air born hazards, is to drop the essential oils of RC, Thieves,
Christmas Spirit, Lemon, or other oils like Longevity onto the mask before
wearing it, and continuing to replenish the oil every hour or so as needed.
Young Living has several products that can protect you from environmental
hazards. Gary Young has put together product called Longevity, which can be
purchased in capsule form, or as an essential oil blend. Longevity is well
known for its powerful antioxidants and support of DNA. Longevity also
repairs and protects cellular integrity. It contains the therapeutic-grade
essential oils of thyme, orange, clove, and lecithin. Another protection
product I would recommend is ImmuPro. It is a great tasting chewable
supplement packed with immune-supporting polysaccharides including beta
glucan. This advanced formula is the ultimate in immune system support. It
is the only immune supplement that includes the benefits of wolfberry
polysaccharides. ImmuPro contains 185 mg of wolfberry polysaccharide, 16 mg
of Zinc, 68 mcg of Selenium and 0.4 mg of copper per tablet.
And to REALLY support the immune system, you should take Ningxia Red Juice
on a daily basis. It is packed full of unique protein-polysaccharides that
help sustain proper immune function,
The two Young Living Kits I would recommend are The Golden Touch 1 Kit, and
either Thieves Kit.
Young Living’s
Natural Cold/Flu/Allergy Survival Kit
This kit contains 7 oils: Endo-Flex, Di-Tone, Melrose, Thieves, Juva-Flex,
Raven, and RC.
This kit is a must if you wish to rid the body of the mono-toxins that cause
the imbalance that creates an unhealthy environment that allows the flu,
etc. to thrive.
ENDO-FLEX has been researched for its affects on the endocrine system,
including the thyroid and adrenal glands. It may help overall vitality and
improve and balance metabolism. Endoflex works on increasing the function in
the endocrine system, which will help combat fatigue. Apply to the vitaflex
points on the feet and abdomen.
DI-TONE is blended specifically with oils noted for their effects on the
digestive system. It has been studied for its effects against parasites as
well as for its enzyme support capabilities. Di- Tone can be soothing for
cramps, colic, bloating and indigestion. It is helpful for any digestive
problem. Apply Di-Tone to the Vitaflex points of the colon on the bottoms of
your feet AND to the outsides of your shins, another colon vitaflex point.
If you get food poisoning, try a few drops every couple of minutes. In the
case of parasites, rub it on the stomach and the back, and breathe it deeply
into the lungs.
MELROSE includes two medicinal-grade melaleuca oils that are renowned for
their antiseptic properties. The blend can be used to cleanse cuts, scrapes,
rashes, insect bites and stressed tissue. Apply directly over area of
concern. It helps alleviate the sting of rug burn and helps protect the area
from infection.. It can also be used in deep wounds to help pull the tissue
THIEVES was tested at Weber State University to have a 99.96% kill rate
against airborne bacteria. Can be diffused, added to water as a mouthwash,
or used as a gargle for sore throat. Put a drop or two in water and drink to
combat parasites, and the flu virus. This product is so powerful, that it
has its own new kit, which we will discuss later.
JUVA-FLEX is a combination of oils that have been studied for their effect
on the liver and digestion. Juva-Flex oil has also been known to help people
to overcome tobacco and alcohol additions. Apply to vita flex pint for the
RAVEN is an antiseptic blend of essential oils that can be soothing and
purifying to the respiratory tract, including the lungs, bronchioles, and
throat. Diffuse; apply on vita flex points of feet or directly on location.
RC is a blend of four eucalyptus oils that has been studied for its effects
on supporting and strengthening the respiratory system. RC can be used in
tight situations when you wish to prevent bacteria from entering the nose.
It can be applied directly under the nose to protect you from airborne
bacteria and also from emissions from gas engines, motors, etc. Diffuse;
apply to vita flex points on feet or directly over area of concern.
Our latest products are the new and exciting Thieves® Kits! All Thieves®
products contain Young Living’s Thieves® essential oil blend. This blend was
tested at Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, and found to have up to a
99.96% rate against airborne bacteria.
The Thieves® Kit includes Thieves® oil (15 ml), the all-natural Thieves®
Cleaner, the versatile Thieves® Spray 3-pack, and the handy Thieves® Wipes.
It also includes the 30-count Thieves® Lozenges absolutely FREE! Product
Thieves® Kit II is the supreme wellness kit. It includes a 5 ml bottle of
the renowned Thieves® essential oil blend, the powerful new Thieves® hard
lozenges, Thieves® Spray, and one bar of the hand-poured Thieves® bar soap
made with the finest ingredients. This new Thieves® Kit also contains the
ultimate in oral health: Thieves® Dentarome Ultra™ Toothpaste and Thieves®
Fresh Essence Plus™ Mouthwash. Safeguard your family’s health by adding this
kit to your order. Product #3173
Thieves products are a must during flu season. With these new products, you
can clean surfaces, wash your body with Thieves soap, use Thieves toothpaste
to brush your teeth, and protect against sore throat with Thieves Lozenges.
Thieves spray is a must when you encounter germ-infested areas, perhaps at a
motel, an office, or a public restroom. Thieves spray will protect you
against bacteria lurking on surfaces, in vent systems and bedding covers,
and toilet seats
To guard against colds and flu, apply Thieves oil to your feet at bedtime.
An especially powerful time to use Thieves oil (or any essential oil) is to
apply before showering or bathing, in fact, the moisture will help drive the
oils in. When faced with a severe lung infection, use warm, moist compresses
(a wrung out cloth) on the chest to enhance the benefit of the oils. Layer 2
to 3 drops of Thieves, Melrose, RC and Raven on the chest and cover with a
warm damp towel. When the towel cools, repeat several times. If you have
someone to help you, have them apply the oils to your back - the lungs are
closer to the back then the front. RC and Raven are very powerful when it
comes to lung tissue. Breathe them in deeply.
Use these Young Living products to help guard against the flu and other
toxins in the environment.
Mary Hardy is an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.
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