Brenda  submitted the following tip:

“While on holiday recently we were looking for a good picnic site. We found a beautiful outdoor area and sat down to enjoy our meal. I noticed a family scrambling right next to us because of swarming wasps! My family was quickly dispersed from our site due to these pesky pests as well. I remembered I had a bottle of Purification® in my purse, so I pulled it out, popped the lid open, set it down on the table, and declared, 'This is my weapon of choice!'

Now sitting alone enjoying my meal, I noted that there were no wasps near me at all. So my family rejoined me, and we finished our meal in peace. As we were packing up our car, I looked back to see another family sitting down where we were and within minutes dispersing because the wasps were back! I should have gifted each table at the site with drops of Purification to ease those after us!”