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To purchase items, call Cindy at Reindeer Games 262-670- 9515.  Checks or money orders are the accepted methods of payment.  Shipping and handling is approximately $5.00 (other than antlers) 
Reindeer Photos
 4" x 6"  - $15.00 each
 (larger sizes available upon request)
(Click on photo to view larger image)
Call Cindy to discuss purchase  262-670-9515
Rudolph the red nose reindeer Santa and Comet Santa and Reindeer Reindeer Babies with Santa Santa and Dasher Baby Reindeer
Reindeer Antlers
Antlers are truly one of nature’s wonders.  They are the only part of a mammal that regenerates itself. Reindeer naturally shed their antlers every year and re-grow another set.  Antlers are sold unmounted and priced at approx. $10/point.  These sets range from $160-$400 plus shipping Call Cindy to discuss purchase  262-670-9515
Raising Reindeer For Pleasure and Profit

Author Gordon Poest's book on Raising Reindeer, 3rd Edition, covers facilities, nutrition, health, antlers, breeding, training, business opportunities and more.

A Percentage of Profit will be donated to Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association on behalf of the author, Gordon Poest. 

$30.00 plus shipping

Click Here To Buy On Amazon

call Cindy Phillips at 262-670-9515

     ANTLERS- The All Natural Dog Chew
Your dog will enjoy endless hours of chewing a piece of reindeer antler.  Reindeer antlers are bone after it calcifies in the fall.

Call Cindy to discuss purchase  262-670-9515

Package of one  - $12 ea (small)
                                 $15 ea (large)



Reindeer Games   Jeff and Cindy Phillips
Phone  262/670-9515   

Email: Cindy@reindeergames-wi.com

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