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Reindeer Sales

Call Cindy 262 670 9515 or send inquiry to discuss prices and availability

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Buyers Comments

Each year, babies are born beginning in April.  Our reindeer babies are available for sale at an early age if you want to do the bottle feedings.  After two weeks old, bottles are fed at 10am-12pm-5pm-10pm.  We provide what's need to make the trip home comfortable for you and your reindeer.  We also give you all the necessary items needed for the transition, milk, water, feed, bottles, nipples and samples of essential oils and knowledge needed to use them.

Bottle babies are more social, trainable and fun!

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Reindeer Games Calving Philosophy

  • Mom and baby health and comfort are #1

  • Baby is with Mom for 2-1/2 days to receive antibodies needed for a healthy immune system

  • Babies get vitamin injections & oral plasma from donor Dad.  Navel is clamped and treated with essential oils.

  • Mom and baby have private area for nursing.

  • Calf is weight and temp checked every day for first two weeks.  Weight and height is monitored after two weeks.

  • Separation at a couple days, we found, is easier for Mom and baby. Baby and Mom cannot see or hear each other.

  • Until two weeks old, we spend 24 hours a day with the baby in our house. Bottle feeding start at every two hours and gradually increase in amount and time between.  By two weeks, they only need four bottles from 7am - 10pm, nothing overnight.

  • Training is started at one week - halter training, exposing to noise, socializing with dog, cat and pig, walking thru the house. 

  • All this interaction makes a difference in the reindeer for its entire life. 

Unsolicited Buyer Comments

I have tied Noel and Holly the last few days just for a little while to continue their training and they are doing very well. I also started yesterday taking them for short trailer rides, and that is going well. not the panic issues I have when trying to work with my other two.  I want to start with my older female but I really need to concentrate on the babies because they are what we will use for exhibits this year.  Cricket is getting much better just from being around Holly and Noel.   

Oh yes, and thanks again for taking the time to work with Noel and Holly.  There are not many people that would do that especially knowing that they are selling the animals anyway.  We are having so much fun with them, and it is helping me learn about my reindeer in a much more positive way.

Lesley Sederholm, WI

I know I touched over this on the phone, but I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with our transaction.  In the past, buying from other breeders, I wasn't offered feed.  I offered to buy it and even then one of them was shady on how much they gave me....I liked reading the literature you and Jeff provided, the feed, hay, halter, bottles and oils.  My Papa enjoyed meeting the two of you also.     

Steve Pulera, WI

Other folks that bought reindeer from Reindeer Games

Jodi Philipp, VanHorne, Iowa 

Bill and Janet Roark, Auburn Indiana


Reindeer Games   Jeff and Cindy Phillips
Phone  262/670-9515   

Email: Cindy@reindeergames-wi.com

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