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Reindeer Games Exhibits
Comments from our valued clients....Sometimes the most simplest of things say it all.  As I walked outside on the day of Reindeer Games, a crowd of mothers and fathers with their children had gathered to see the reindeer.  Your crew was preparing the area, getting it ready.  Then, it was time!  Jon walked to the back of the trailer, opened the door, grabbed the halter rope and announced, "This is Comet"  Comet swung her head out of the door and leaped down.  The crowd in unison sighed "Aaaaawwwh" as if on que.  It brought a tear to my eye.  At that moment, I knew we had succeeded at creating a special memory forever. 

I’d like to express my sincere thanks for your participation in Cedarburg’s Annual Tree Lighting event this year.  Your reindeer were so beautiful and added a magic to the night that was enjoyed by hundreds of kids (and adults as well)!!!  Jon, Jessica, and the others did a GREAT job (talking to the kids, sharing fun stories and giving them a one-of-a kind experience they are sure to remember for a long time!  The set up was PERFECT, looked like a scene from a movie!  I hope we can have you back next year (as I know everyone here will want to see the reindeer at every Tree Lighting). 

Lisa Taubner,Programs Coordinator, Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce


Rudolph Reindeer Games Display

Reindeer display

What's included:

  • Reindeer Games staff will have two adult reindeer in a decorated, gated display, an area about 30’ x 30’.  The display consists of 8-foot, green metal 5’ high panels positioned in a 5-sided circle

  • Our elves will talk with your guests about the reindeer and answer questions like - do they really fly?  why isn't Rudolph's nose red?.  We also share facts about reindeer fur and antlers, where reindeer come from, how they stay cool, how they stay warm, what they eat, when are babies born, etc.

  • Photo area can be set up.  Reindeer Games will coordinate photos for a fee. 

  • Location can be anywhere within 35 miles of Reindeer Games.  Further distance mileage will apply.

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